Kayla is in Dubai now!

KaylaAre you a fan of sports? There is something substantially manly about team sports – the level of strength they require, the commitment, battling your opponent in almost ancient way, as two teams of warriors get ready to assess their dominance. That’s a thing that makes girls in the stadiums all wet with excitement. And what is it that makes the men like to watch sports? Cheerleaders, of course! No wonder “a cheerleader” or “a pom-pom girl” are one of the most searched phrases at most porn websites.

With Kayla you’ll not only get to watch a cute cheerleader get plowed hard by a victorious jock, you’ll be the one doing the plowing! Kayla was born to play this role, that is why she likes to keep fit and even dresses the part with her lovely short-shorts and sexy knee-high socks. She is also naturally cheery, excitable and fun to be around. And most importantly, she has some amazing pom-poms of her own, so she is always ready to give you a nice round of applause as you perform he manliest of tasks. She’ll scream with excitement and shake her pom-poms like crazy as you ride her hard like a real man you are.

Be the star player with the star cheerleader!