Crystal is in Dubai now!

CrystalAre you a little bit nostalgic at times? Do you catch yourself enjoying music of the 80s and 90s more than contemporary jams? Do you think modern standards of women beauty have gone off the rails with all the skinny models having no real sex appeal? Now take a look at Crystal. Doesn’t she instantly remind you of the good all days of Baywatch with Pamela Anderson in her tight red suit, all wet and glistening in the sun, pursing her extra womanly lips and bating her long-lashed eyes as she invites you to follow her on a sexy stroll along the beach… This girl is just like your young wet dream, Pamela, just… a lot more accessible. A Pamela gone wild, if you will. And she has a better rack, too! Crystal is your ticket for an old-school porn from times where women were really women and men… Well, they did what they wanted.
This sexy vamp will take you down nostalgia lane to a special movie screening just for the two of you. The atmosphere will get so hot and steamy, you won’t even be able to endure having swimsuits on. Take a role of David Hasselhoff and show of your manliness.
Be the sexy star in an old-school porn!