We are always looking to expand and welcome new amazing girls to our team. Our agency is oriented to high-end clients, therefore we secure elegant, top-notch facilities, transparent employment system, high level of security (personal and financial) and handsome remuneration for our girls. We know that you are the core of our success and we are able to show our appreciation in ways you’ll be satisfied with. We also guarantee any and all help necessary for you to complete your tasks with no problems – you are a professional who should be focused solely on your work and not waste time on scheduling, acquiring new clients, securing the accommodation etc. Leave it all to us and focus on what you do best!

As we strive to maintain a certain profile, so we are especially looking for girls with camera experience. The more exposure you had, the better. We are looking ONLY for girls with impeccable manners, great language skills and certain physical features: they have to be young, extremely attractive,  fit and flexible. Please, do not apply if you are a “character actress”. We are looking only for the real stars.

If you are willing to work with us, please use our contact form and tell us something about yourself.  Send all the information that might be useful for our recruitment process: your pictures (at least two: showing your face and the whole silhouette), videos (links to your works are acceptable), address of your website (if applicable). None of the information or data collected this way is going to be used for purposes other than relating to our recruitment process.

We are very much looking forward to hearing from you, and, hopefully, working together! Take care!